Art Therapy Sessions in The Pushkin Museum of Fine Art

Edip Asan


One of our  “ebru and art therapy sessions  program”  took place  in the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Art  in Moscow, in 2015 under the leadership of Ebru Artist and art therapist Edip Asan and also many volunteers from the field of art therapy and joined to sessions. These unique weekly sessions organised especially for childrens and continued a few months.  The program’s main aim was to  improve self-esteem and socilising ability of the children in the safe environment of this historical museum. 

Many families joined to activities to be part of  the sessions and sometimes just for sharing their children’s joy.  From this side sessions were highly therapeutic for families too.

When healing from any life- limiting problem,  ebru art gives us an unique opportunity to express our feelings deeply in the endless of the water and colors.

As we know  art therapy sessions are not an ordinary art lessons,  apart from a good educated art therapist, different places with their own environment options gives different opportunities to participants. From this side museums and art therapy sessions  have  many commen points  like art culture and creativity which can be used as a bridge  to increase the effectiveness of the art therapy session.

During and after this art therapy program many scientific data showed us that these sessions played considerable positive role to improve self –esteem, communication and socilising ability of of the participants. Apart from that childrens discovered and  learned more about the museum’s system and it’s  art works.


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