Art Therapy Sessions with Physically  Disabled People

“Преодоление- Overcoming” Rehabilitation Center, Moscow

Edip Asan




The practice of  Sosyo-Cultural rehabilitation of people with severe impairment of motor functions is very complicated. Very limited ability of using hands and fingers seriously prevent any activity which need small motor skills.  For these kind of people, motor impairments cause  more problems than people with sensory impairments. From this side any activity which related to improve  ability of  these motor functions are so important  and strongly related to self –esteem of the people.

When a disability prevents a person from physical activities, these difficulties affect person’s social, emotional and psychological life which can lead to increased dependence on others, less motivation and poor social skills.And as a result of  limited connection with society, some people with disabilities spend more time  by themselves.


One of the effective options for rehabilitation and helping such patients is art and art therapy .  A correct art technique as a productive occupation can be one of  the primary activity for such people who has difficulties with small motor skills..  Ebru art as a new and an extraordinary art therapy method, has many different therapeutic effects which help such a people  to improve and regain their  ‘ self- confidence - self esteem, motivation, socio- integration (contributing to community) and reduce stress of physically handicapped people who suffer from cerebral palsy and small motor skills.

More than 5 years we keep our ebru art and art therapy sessions with physically disabled adults.  During these tiring, but at the same time very pleasent sessions,  I witnessed several times that “ Art therapy sessions can be life-changing experience for many participants”.  From the start to the end of this project around 500 people joined to our sessions, most of these activities took place in Preodoleniye Rehabilitation Center in Moscow.  Almost all participants were  paralysed which is related to trauma.

The main goals of these long-term  sessions were to improve self-esteem and socialising, at the same time to control  anxiety and reduce stress.

This technique is ideal for art therapy sessions with physical  in many ways, a few of them.

1. After a short demonstration  each one  can  perform this technique at a simple level, here the most important point is,  person no need to use his-her small motor skills to get a pleasent result.

2. Very short time (5 - 7 minutus) is enough to finish a work for some technique.

3. From each age (4 and up) everybody can do something in this technique even  has not painting ability.

4. Water and paints give an unique opportunity to express yourself, water help people to relax and reduce stress.

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