Art Therapy Sessions and Children's Mental Health Disorder

Edip Asan - Elena Bajanova*


This is a brief information about our “ Ebru and Art Therapy “ project  for mentally disorder children and adolescents between 8-18 years old.  To support this project,  many  organizations, volunteers and families took part in these activities.  This is an ongoing project  since 2015.

Participants were children with mental disorders (autism), hearing and vision disorders, the musculoskeletal system and the central nervous system (cerebral palsy, spinal dysfunction), limb amputation, and genetic diseases (Down syndrome).

The objectives of the course and classes for children with disabilities and their parents can be summarized as follows:

1. Strengthening cultural ties between the peoples of different countries and cultures.

2. Helping children with disabilities and their families by creating a comfortable educational and psychological environment  for their rehabilitation;

3. Correction in the process of developing skills using Ebru Painting technique  the developmental characteristics of the participants of the group that (including: the development of small motor skills, coordination of movement, attention, memory, perception, self-esteem, and communication skills, group interaction) expansion of ideas  both in personal and professional fields, etc.

Most of the parents  expressed that, they joined to this program mainly for three reasons,

- To be part of this interesting art therapy project

- For  creative development of their child

- To develop their child’s communication skills with adults and peers.

Especially  for children who study at home because of any life-limiting problem, this kind of projects gives an unique opportunity to improve their communicating ability.

It is known that communication with peers in the period of “transitional age” is very important. Adolescents during this period actively forming ideas about themselves as a person, i.e. self-identification process. So a teenager is looking for an answer to one of the most important questions for each person: “Who am I?”.  This kind of art projects help them from many sides; improve their abilities,  give chance to know more about themselves and to  communicate  with adults and peers in natural, healthy, real and peaceful environment of art.

Apart from weekly sessions,

Eight children with mental disabilities completed a three-month course of developmental activities with elements of art therapy using the Ebru technique.

Certificates of mastering the initial 18-hour course on the Ebru technique were obtained by 6 teenagers with disabilities.



Elena Bajanova: Psychologist and Ebru-Marbling Artist

Edip Asan: Ebru Artist, Art Therapist (Specialist in Socio-Cultural Activities) 




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